We design inspection drones for your sewers with an on field experience

CYCLOPES / working prototypes

Specification data sheet

CYCLOPES / working prototypes
CYCLOPE 300 is the third version of the robot, it was designed and developed by Fox Sewer Rover for the inspection of sewers of any type from D300 to D1200.

CYCLOPE 200 is a work in progress, it will specifically be built for smaller pipes (from D200 to D300)

Highly mobile, flexible and light, CYCLOPE allows you to strongly reduce your inspection’s times on field and to quickly adapt to the dimension of the pipes.

With its 4K 360° camera, the analysis of the inspection‘s video can be achieved at any time after the work of the robot./

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Any type of construction work

Compact, light, powered by a strong removable battery

Responsive design

Wi-Fi or 4G distance control, guidance and video stream on a multi-media interface working with phones tablets or pc

Wired or wireless

Robots commands can be sent by a numerical wired or wireless transmission

Time saving

No needs for stops at the joints

360° / 4K

Our 360° cameras allows the analysis to be done on field or to be postponed at any time and any place away from the construction site

Onboard Technology
Various Sensors

The Fox’s Robots carries a lot of sensors (thermal, distance, gyroscopic, etc…) to improve the data’s analysis

For Your Sewer’s Inspections, we offer three types of videos

dual fisheye view
360° view
Front view

The Team

Hugues Perret and Damien Vautier are both engineers with a formal education from Centrale Lyon a French engineers school.

Hugues is an IT, robotic and communicational expert while Damien is specialized in public works, process, control and measurement.

Head office

44, rue Franklin – 69002 Lyon

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Fox Sewer Rover has developed a preferred partnership with SARP. This strong partnership with this drainage sewers company, branch of Veolia, has allowed the leads of the project to design a made in France robot, developed on field with and for professionals of this sector.